How Networking has helped Mala & Bunga in surprising ways!



I started to attend networking events a few months before the launch of my website. I’d felt quite isolated working by myself so felt it an important service to myself and my startup that I attend networking events to talk to others who have been through the same journey, listen to their stories and gain insight and advice on decisions you were struggling to make yourself and also just to give yourself a break from your own thoughts!  Discovering that I wasn’t the only one that had had similar decision making difficulties was very reassuring. I have also been overwhelmed by the support you gain especially on social media channels! I was expecting to build relationships through networking & a support system but I had no idea it would lead to several venues for my once months pop up shops! It’s been a positive experience for me and a vital one too.

MALA & BUNGA was launched in July 2016 out of a passion for finding talented independent jewellery brands from around the world and one Mum on a mission to fulfil her dream, I had a now or never moment after my 3rd baby! Inspired by my love of craftsmanship & detail, there is nothing better than discovering a designer making exciting and accessible jewellery with a story to tell…my eyes are always peeled! All this on one site so please join me on my journey #MABaboutjewellery

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