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Contact: Lynne Stainthorpe
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Lynne helps you create, evolve or reinvent your brand. Her mission is to develop powerful brands your clients love. In fact, branding is in her DNA! She’s a Strategic Branding Consultant and has worked in branding and marketing for over 20 years.
Branding is a continuous process, so Lynne always starts with strategy. Which means that you get clear about who your brand is and what it stands for (your Brand Strategy). Her next step is to define the colours, logo, typography, font family, voice and imagery that expresses your true brand style and tone (your Brand Identity).This makes it faster and easier to create stunning marketing materials which are on brand and on point for your clients (your Brand Collateral).
Clients say
“I worked with Lynne last year on a complete revitalisation of my brand. The creative process was enlightening, Lynne really got to know me and my voice which was a very important part of my brand identity. We had fun during the process and I really enjoyed working with Lynne as she is so insightful and really saw things that were important for me even before I did.” – Rebecca Perkins, Mid-life Coach & Author
“I found the whole brand strategy process eye opening, thought-provoking and helpful. It was something I’d never considered as a one-person band. Thought it was only large companies who did rebrands and hired strategists.” – Nicola Gaughan, Videography, Design & Photography.
Lynne learned the secrets of building powerful brands working on B2B and B2C branding for Unilever, Beecham and Dulux. She’s worked with strong brands such as Benetton, B&Q, The Royal Parks and Tate. Now she can help you with your Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Marketing Collateral.
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