Ealing Connect is a new networking group based in Ealing for Businesses and Entrepreneurs living or working in and around Ealing and West London.

Who’s it for?

  • Work from home Professionals
  • New Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Businesses
  • Anyone who is thinking of returning to work and is seeking inspiration from like minded individuals.


Ealing Connect was created by local entrepreneur Anita Wong who after going to several other networking groups in West London decided there was room for one more.

So what makes Ealing Connect different from all the other groups?

Unlike most of the others, it will be running every 2 weeks, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The location of each event may change but currently, they are being hosted at Charlottes W5.

What better way to meet other like minded entrepreneurs, small business owners or work from home professionals in a casual non-pressured environment to connect, collaborate and network. The Ealing Connect networking will start off with a warm welcome where tea, coffee or juice will be available before we sit down to introduce ourselves (Between one to two minutes should be enough to give an overview) and share your business cards and ideas. There will be a ‘Tip of the Week’ from organiser Anita Wong relating to managing your business online before we hear from one of the groups about their business in a little more depth. I will notify one person from those who have signed up to give a 10-minute talk about their business, passion or current offers a few days before the group take place.

One of our first network attendee’s said this about the networking meet!

Margaret Guillen
‘Great networking event ! The atmosphere was lively and buzzing and I had the chance to talk to many aspiring entrepreneurs sharing their passion. So…, great location, great networking ,very professional and friendly organiser , good pastries and wonderful tea ! I am looking forward to the next meetings’